Loneliness And Mental Health (1)

Loneliness and mental health

Published: 09/05/2022

Author: Research in Practice

To support Mental Health Awareness Week we have brought together Research in Practice resources on loneliness and mental health.

The quality of our relationships at home, our place of work and in communities matter however one in four of us report feeling lonely some or all of the time. Feelings of loneliness can be experienced by anyone, and there’s no one solution, however the longer we feel lonely the bigger impact it can have on our mental health and wellbeing.

Our open access recorded webinar on loneliness and social connection explores best practice in response to social isolation, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic which brought with it lockdowns and physical distancing. 

The following Research in Practice learning resources aim to support people who experience loneliness. 

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Loneliness and social connections

Loneliness And Social Connections (1)

For growing numbers in society, loneliness is having detrimental effects on our health and wellbeing. Evidence to reduce and prevent loneliness fits with the values and ethics that provide the foundation of social care practice.

Mental health awareness

Mental Health Comms

Mental health affects people at all stages of their life course and social care, health and education practitioners need a sound understanding of what this means for practice.