CH FBR 012

Online abuse – recognition and response: Frontline Briefing (2017)

Published: 18/12/2017

Author: Randall L



Whilst many adults did not grow up in a digital world, children and young people are avid consumers of the internet and all it has to offer. Digital technology and the internet are integral to children and young people’s lives and they do not conceive the online and offline world as separate spaces in the way pre-digital adults do.

The internet can be a positive space in which to play, learn and interact. However, without the right safeguards in place experiences can be punctuated by negative encounters, the impact of which may be life-altering.

Online, or technology-assisted, abuse is any form of abuse that occurs via the web, whether through social networking, games or using a mobile phone. This introductory level briefing will look at:

  • some of the forms online abuse may take
  • grooming and relevant legislation
  • potential channels of abuse, including live streaming and gaming
  • the impacts online abuse may have on children and young people.

Professional Standards

PQS:KSS - Developing excellent practitioners | Developing excellent practitioners | Confident analysis and decision-making | Purposeful and effective social work | Emotionally intelligent practice supervision | Relationships and effective direct work | Communication | Child development | Abuse and neglect of children | The law and the family and youth justice systems

PCF - Knowledge | Intervention and skills